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Trevalgar II

Nickname: Marco
Height: 16.2hh, although he seems much bigger!
Breeding: British Sport Horse. (British TB X Trakehner) By 'Fleetwater Opposition' Out of 'The Wexford Lady'
Level: 5* Eventer
His Story: Marco was bred in England at Preci Spark. He was competed to 1* with Sarah Cohen as a 6 year old. 
Katie competed him to CCI3* in England, and when it came time for Katie to come home she couldn't bare to leave behind.
Since then Marco has won many CCI4*'s and completed Adelaide CCI5*-L twice.


Nickname: Des
Height: 16.2hh
Breed: Warmblood. By 'Valhalla' out of 'Amira'
Level: 1.30 Showjumping
His Story: Des was the most amazing wedding present to Katie and Nick from his breeders Andrew Inglis and Jenny Sheppard. With impeccable breeding and an amazing temperament we have high hopes for this handsome man

Revelwood Wynston Street

Nickname: Whynnie
Height: 16.3hh
Breed: Warmblood. By 'Wynton' Out of 'GT Rhea'
Level: 3* Eventing 1.30 Showjumping
His Story: Wynston came to us just when we were thinking we DON'T need anymore horses! He was being a rather naughty dressage pony in Centennial Park and so was sent to George Sanna to be jumped and sold. He in turn rang us, and although we looked at him with clients in mind, once we saw him trot and jump, we had to have him. He has taken to eventing like a duck to water, winning his way up the levels

Puzzle Street

Nickname: Puzzle
Height: 16.1hh
Breeding: Thoroughbred by 'Rubicks'
Level: 80cm Eventing 1m Showjumping
His Story: Puzzle was purchased off the track early in 2020 as a 3 year old. He was meant to be a turn over horse but he stole our hearts and has stayed to become a gorgeous eventer

Rafa Street

Nickname: Raffy
Height: 16.3hh
Breeding: Warmblood by 'Royal Hit'
Level: 80cm Eventing 1m Showjumping
His Story: Raffy is a big, genuine fellow that everyone has fallen in love with. He tries hard in all he does and is a big teddy bear!


Nickname: Harry
Height: 15.2hh
Breed: Thoroughbred
Level: World Cup Showjumper
His Story: Nick bought Harry from friend Shane Evans off the track. Harry was never the easiest of horses, but what he lacked in ride ability he made up for in effort. Nick trained and rode him all the way from his first show to many Grand Prix wins and World Cup placings, then to his last show in 2016. He is now happily retired in the back paddock

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